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GoPro hero 7 sliver

I have been trying to turn on my gps for the the GoPro and it shows it is on in the setting but shows it is offline on the camera how do I fix this?
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Re: GoPro hero 7 sliver

Are you indoors, surrounded by buildings, or trees? The GPS will only show active when the camera is in line of sight of GPS satellites.
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Re: GoPro hero 7 sliver

@noblewave5026, to record GPS data, your GoPro needs to lock onto a GPS satellite signal. Once GPS is enabled, you will see the GPS icon turn solid on the camera display, confirming that GPS has been found and locked. To find a strong GPS signal, make sure you’re outside and away from large structures. Hold or mount your camera with the top facing upward. It can take up to a minute to establish a signal.