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Re: GoPro hero 7 black update failure

I tried doing that 5 times now. And I get a something went wrong during the update message. Does GoPro have anily authorised store in Goa,India? So I can just get my update done from them?
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Re: GoPro hero 7 black update failure

Step by ste  ofyour actions. to better understnad this"


 three  files to  a folder called update  placed on the camera driver .  All done throug hthe sdxc card and a reader not through the camera. 


anything outside that saying will not work


 driver. update folder putto a sd card that is on a reader then to the camera, press start or shutter   and nothing.  CALL gopro.

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Re: GoPro hero 7 black update failure

Just to clarify, you did extract the files out of the zip file you downloaded, right?  And didn't just put the file on the SD card?

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Re: GoPro hero 7 black update failure

Yeah I did extract the files. And now I tried doing it through the GoPro app. After the transferring file from the phone it has been 30 minutes it still did not get updated and it's still on the 1st part of the update.
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Re: GoPro hero 7 black update failure

Go into your app settings and make sure that allow updates using moble data is turn off. Only do update using wifi...
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Re: GoPro hero 7 black update failure


Hi @superstoke87454


It will be best to complete the update manually.

Delete the existing UPDATE folders on your computer.

Then go over the update process again.

Make sure to format the SD card before saving the extracted UPDATE folder.

Also, make sure that the camera is at least 40% charged.


If all else fails, reach out to our Support Team for assistance.

They are available via phone or chat. 





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Re: GoPro hero 7 black update failure

One thing to mention is that whenever someone says "format the card", be sure to do it from the camer itself (Preferences - Reset - Format SD card),  to ensure that it is in the format the camera itself likes.


Then as has said before..

1. Extract the contents of the update zip file..

2. Place the contents into a new folder called UPDATE

3. copy the UPDATE folder onto the root of the uSD card, while it is in the card reader of your computer. 

4. Put uSD into the camera, power up, and it should update.



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Re: GoPro hero 7 black update failure

No need to create folders or move files into one on a Mac.


Just download the file from GoPro.   Unzip it (click-click or right-click).   Then you have an unzipped folder called "UPDATE".    Just move that new folder onto your microSD icon for the card you've already connected to your Mac.   Place that card into your camera and turn it on, in about 20s you are done.   All together, this takes 1 maybe 2 minutes.   Not days with help threads posted all over.