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GoPro hero 7 black - memory card issues



I have a GoPro 7 Black which I use to make underwater movies and pictures.


Initialy I purchased 2 Kingston memory cards, but my camera tended to freeze up.

After contacting the GoPro support, I was told to purchace SanDisk cards. And indeed the problem was solved.


Just to be sure I do not run into any other incompatibilities, I purchased 2 memory cards of 64 Gb, ordered from your site (MP-03615642).

And indeed my problem was fixed.


However during my next dive vacation in the Maldives, I encountered a different problem with both SanDisk cards


Once these cards are filled up to about 39 - 40 Gb, the "card status" indicator on the display changes from green to yellow and one is no longer able to save pictures / movies.


If one delete a few pictures on can again take a few picutes (a manipulation whuch us obviously impossible under water)


The movies I make are all in the 10 to 30 seconds range and not in 4K, so there should be ample of space on the card


Going on vacation with 128 Gb of 'storage' and only been able to allocate 80 Gb is not very pleasant.


Any idea what the problem is?

Or is it simply not possible to fill up these cards above 63%









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Re: GoPro hero 7 black - memory card issues

So I've experienced a similar issue with the GoPro Fusion and found there was an easy fix for this.  ( I have a 256GB card in my Hero 8, so I haven't seen if this same issue affects it yet...).


Basically what happens is that will empty 128GB cards, the Fusion will record 5hrs and 1 minute of video.  As I record and take photo's, this space obviously reduces.  So lets say I've taken a number of video's and photo's and now the cards are saying 1hr and 20 mins remaining.  If i put the SD cards in the PC they can say ..  40GB free for example.


If I open the GoPro app and delete video's I don't want, that should clear up space right?  Well no.  Even if I delete all the videos using the app, the cards still tell me 1hr and 20 mins of video left.  I then get the cards, put them in the pc and they say 80GB free... so what's going on?


Well when you delete video's using the GoPro app, it deletes the video's, but it leaves behind the THM, LRV and WAV files.  So it only delete's the video, but not the other associated files.  However the GoPro app seems to read the left behind files (possibly the LRV files) and therefore thinks the video files are still on the card and therefore thinks there's less free space then there is.


So what I found was that if you put the SD Cards in your PC and clean up THM, LRV and WAV files that you don't need (the ones corresponding to the video's you deleted), the GoPro will then see the card information properly.


OR you can simply back up the files you want and then delete "all files" from the GoPro app, and this will empty the card completely OR format the card using the camera menu (this will also delete all the files on the card so make sure you back up the files you want first).


You'll then be able to use the entire card for recording video or taking photo's.  

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Re: GoPro hero 7 black - memory card issues


Thanks for the explanations.


In a nutshell:

- take a pc with you to cleanup the cards

- buy more cards.




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Re: GoPro hero 7 black - memory card issues



Offload the files you want to your mobile device.

Format the memory card instead of just deleting video's one by one.



Saves you having to lug around a PC or buying more memory cards.