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GoPro hero 7 black 1080p bad quality...

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Hi, I’ve recently purchased a GoPro hero 7 black and I shoot in 1080p because my laptop can’t play HEVC but the quality at 1080p is not good... I often get a cartoon effect on my face and in general... does anyone know why? How can I get decent quality videos at 1080p from the GoPro hero 7 black? Is it possible or did I make a mistake buying it?
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Re: GoPro hero 7 black 1080p bad quality...

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Hi @georgiosb71


What SD card are you using?

Do you have the camera up to date?

What are the rest of the settings used?

It will also help if you can share a sample file.

You may upload it to Youtube or share it via Dropbox.





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Re: GoPro hero 7 black 1080p bad quality...

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The settings I use are:
1080p 24fps or 60fps
FOV linear
Auto shutter speed
Auto white balance
Min iso 100 max iso 400
Stabilization auto
Ev 0
Sharpness medium
Colour GoPro
SD card: Sandisk extreme plus 128GB v30 A2
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Re: GoPro hero 7 black 1080p bad quality...

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It has nothing to do with your card or your settings. That's just what 1080p quality with stabilization is with the Hero 7. The full 4K sensor is being used while filming and the frame size is internally scaled down in real time. If you add hyper smooth stabilization to that it's too much for the processor of the camera to handle and and a less sophisticated method to downscale is used.


Workaround: shoot in 2.7K and downscale your footage in editing. Perfect quality with that!