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Re: GoPro hero 5 black leaking?

How did you contact them? And what are the requirements for replacement?
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Re: GoPro hero 5 black leaking?

By phone, took about 1 hour. Requirements vary I think. Mine was 8 months old when salt water leaked thru battery door. 1st replacement had warped battery door and was sent back. 2nd replacement has slight warp on battery doo and is a cause of concern but haven't had time to try to replac that one yet. Not to happy to wait on phone again. I use as a splash proof cam and use my h4 silver for surfing. 

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Re: GoPro hero 5 black leaking?

I wouldn't do it via phone.  In my experience it's much easier to do over the online chat.  Just need to make sure you are first in line to access the chat (or you will never get on and then you have to try again the next day).  Just open a browser w/ the chat window and refresh the chat the moment it turns past the opening time.  Once you get in the chat it is pretty simple to get the return started.

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Re: GoPro hero 5 black leaking?

It might have been a much discussed topic, saw tons of threads in here but with no real solution. Usually use mine as car mounts but had a pool party 2 days back and decide to use the HERO5 for a couple of quick shots in the pool. And .... this happened.... No water in anywhere else (checked and double checked). Would have expected the water to get in from parts that can  be opened and not the front LCD. :( Of course, it's weekend, and not sure the Malaysian GoPro would be able to do anything about it.  


Used a blower to try and "dry it further" and even left it in my bag of rice. It still turns on, still works fine, just this annoyance of seeing the front display like this. Which is still not good in the long run.


Front LCD Water

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Re: GoPro hero 5 black leaking?

Hey @zique76,


I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team directly. They should be able to help you out.