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GoPro hero 2018

I purchased GoPro 2018 last week, tried charging it for 2 hours.. while charging I couldn’t see led light blinking, after 2 hours of charging it was not turning on. I tried my iPhone charger, iPad charger,power bank and power bank charger.. nothing worked. While charging I tried turning on.. when I put it on charge, initially I can see the red led blinking and then it goes off. Camera is turning on immediately if I press mode button after switching on the wall charger.. this even I tried without battery inserting. When I remove plug it goes off. Ima very disappointed.Want a solution for it. I want to try inserting a new battery into it but don’t want to lose that money also.. pls help me out with a solution.

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Re: GoPro hero 2018

It does sound like a faulty battery, however you should probably just exchange the camera from where you purchased it. Have you tried turning the camera on (while on battery power) without the SD card being inserted?If the issue persist without an SD card, the issue is either camera or battery (most likely battery). Other than an exchange, your options are:
1) Plug the camera into the wall charger so you can turn it on and then go into preferences and do a factory rest.
2) Perform a manual update

Of course, be sure you are using a card from this list.
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Re: GoPro hero 2018

Thank you somuch for the reply. Actually this is my second GoPro.. ordered from Amazone, first I got one which had the same problem so I claimed for a replacement, surprise that second one they sent also has the same problem. It was my fault, when I checked the comments for this particular model lot of people have the same issue..I am using same SD card which again I spent lot of money on. If I claim for warranty, will I get battery free or should I pay for it... till now I couldn’t contact with the seller.. I think I got cheated.. Address and number mentioned on the box are not reachable. I am confused.. one service center here they said they can’t give warranty since I ordered it online.  Let me try the factory reset. Once again thank you somuch.