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GoPro having multiple issues after a session in the ocean

Hi, I was just wondering how I could fix or if I could fix my GoPro Hero 8 Black (had it for 6 months). A few problems occurred after my last session in the ocean two days ago, and I have tried to fix it with no luck so far. The first and biggest problem is that I can't connect to my GoPro app. I have the recommended SD card, and have tried to lower to 2.4ghz with no avail. My second problem is the inconsistencies of the GoPro. It constantly turns on and off randomly (even in the middle of the night), with a red light always on, and sometimes I have to remove the battery for it to work again (only works for a few seconds even at 100%). Another issue is it seems that there are marks behind a section of the screen, not completely visible when looking in bright light, but whitish streaks, not visible when the GoPro screen is off. The final issue is it seems to get hot even when powered down, not all the time, but these past two days it has been hot three times total, This is not like scorching, but when I hold it for too long I just switch to my other hand. I've done multiple factory resets, tried dozens of times to connect and pair GoPro to app on multiple devices, and tried a firmware update manually on my computer. My best guess is it is waterlogged somehow. Is it an issue if water gets in the slot with the battery and SD card? I also read that natural conditions can affect the GoPro but mine seemed normal (67℉ water temp and 71℉ temperature at sunset, with minimal direct sunlight exposure). I really hope I can get this GoPro up and working as I am planning a stay in a beach town where it would be nice to have a GoPro in a few days. Any suggestions to fix this, or is my GoPro Hero 8 toast.