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GoPro has wrongly taken £360 from me

I wanted to make a formal complaint but as with everything I have experienced so far via GoPro this is extremely hard to do hence posting on here now as I’m not sure where to turn.

I tried to place an order online on 24.8.19. I tried to pay through PayPal but after being directed to PayPal, the screen went back to the GoPro payment screen and the items were still in the basket and I received no order confirmation. Due to it being a Friday I had to wait until the Monday 26.8.19 to ring and ask what had happened. I was told on the phone that since the order had not been confirmed, the GoPro would not be posted and therefore I would not get charged. So I then tried to place another order on 26.8.19 and the same thing happened. After being reassured by your customer service team that I would not get charged for the glitch I placed a third order but this time I paid using my bank card. This order went through and I got an order confirmation.

However, I then got notified on the 29.8.19 by my bank that my account had gone into the overdraft and that I would get charged. When I checked my account three lots of 179.99 had been taken from my account! I rang GoPro on 30.8.19 and after a lengthy phone call being put on hold for 10 minutes at a time, I was told to send screenshots of the PayPal page that indicates the two extra GoPros that I had been charged for. I did this straight away and was told that I would hear back.

Not happy with the fact that GoPro has taken £360 from my account without any idea of when I would receive my money back, I called back later on to speak to a manager. This was a complete waste of my time as I was on the phone for over 30 minutes and put on hold numerous times only to be told that no managers were available and they would only tell me the same thing that the relevant department was looking into it. I asked if I could speak to the relevant department and was told that only your team could chat with them or email them to raise concerns. Clearly not getting anywhere and having a child need my attention I told your agent that I want a phone call ASAP as I had no money to get me through the month now and I was being charged for GoPros error. I was assured it had been placed as urgent and the call ended.

Having still not heard anything by 3.9.19 I started an online chat with a GoPro agent and was basically told it was being looked into and she had placed it as urgent.

It is now 7.9.19 and I am beyond frustrated and disgusted with GoPros service. I work part time, have a toddler to care for and I am pregnant with another child. This has caused me a measurable amount of unnecessary stress. It was suppose to be a nice present for my partners birthday but it’s been a nightmare. I assumed buying from the source would be the best option for purchasing a GoPro but how wrong I was. It seems simply contacting you doesn’t work and I have received no correspondence yet about the money you have taken from my account. Please advise.


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Re: GoPro has wrongly taken £360 from me

Sorry to hear about the order issue, @dominiquem87651. We checked with Support and we see that the case is still in progress. The case has been raised to the Orders team and they are currently looking into what happened. Queries like this take time but rest assured that the agent handling your case will keep you posted. There is no update yet at this time that is why you haven't heard back. It would be best to continue working with Support regarding this matter as they would have access to the most recent update. 

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Re: GoPro has wrongly taken £360 from me

Hi. Thanks for getting back to me but I haven’t actually been updated either way for a week. Nobody is actually working with me or keeping me posted. This is a lot of money and it’s wrong that it is taking this long especially without any correspondence from you. I just keep getting strung along. I have asked to speak to a manager and just get nowhere. So disappointed.