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GoPro has Terrible customer service

I purchased a GoPro hero session in December of 2016. When I got home the camera was defective. It was not working and would not take photos. I had to have the camera exchanged and I received a crumpled box with the new GoPro inside. The housing of this new GoPro was very flimsy and opened with the slightest touch. A $300 camera should have a much better housing. I used the camera on a Honda grom for insurance purposes. I returned home and my GoPro was no longer in the housing. I called GoPro to see if there was anything that could be done. I had received the package crushed. I am not looking to get a free GoPro or to make a false claim. I wanted to see if there was a course of action I could take to replace the camera. Well, I was put on hold for 6 hours by GoPro. 6 hours!!! I saved the phone record and emailed GoPro. I never received an email back. I called again and was put on hold for over and hour. I recently got ahold of them and they told me there was nothing they can do other then send me a coupon. Even though you put me on hold for 6+ hours all they could do was a 20% discount. I am very displeased with GoPro. From day one it's been nothing but issues in my case. GoPro has lost my business and I will make sure anyone thinking about getting one of there cameras is warned. They make over priced junk then don't want to do anything to fix it when things go wrong.
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Re: GoPro has Terrible customer service

Hey @sweettree7005,


I am sorry to hear about the issues with your camera. When we can no longer replace a camera, we still try to meet our customers in the middle and give them a head start with the discount. Physical damage and wear and tear are not covered under our warranty but we will do our best to help out with that discount!


I was unable to find any cases with the hold time you are talking about. If you happen to have a case number I can take a look.