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GoPro gefunden

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Ich habe in Tarifa als Strandgut am 17.1. eine GoPro9 Black in einem Unterwassergehäuse gefunden. Wie komme ich an Kontaktdaten des Besitzer?
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Re: GoPro gefunden

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Contact GoPro directly using the "Contact Us" option below.  

Contact Us


Tell them you found the camera, they will ask for the serial number from the camera (located inside the battery door, or in the menu of the camera or on the SD card).


GoPro can record the details and if anyone has reported their camera as lost, help match it up with the owner.


DO NOT....


Post the camera serial number here or on any other site online.

Give any camera details to users who contact you directly (let them verify the camera details and serial numbers)

You can also see if there's any pictures or video on the camera that may help identify the owners, then contact a local TV or Newpaper and enlist their help in locating the owners.  They usually like this as a good filler story and it will help you reach out to more people to find the camera owner.