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GoPro forgot about scubadiver videographers... so bad :(

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hi all.

I, and thousands of users, are feeling bery disappointed on GoPro development and administration team, regarding some decisions for GP6.
Summing up, Gopro did very bad in taking away the Narrow Mode on GoPro6.

I (and thousands of scubadiver videographers) use GoPro to shoot macro video underwater at depths where the touch zoom feature isn't an option because we need a diving housing like supersuit. Therefore, either we set the zoom before the dive and we cannot change it in the middle of the dive to snapshot the environment or other situations or... we set ot to wide and must forget about macro.

When shooting nudibranchs, like I do, that is not an option.

Remember in GoPro Hero 4 we could do it by using the buttons and selecting the "Narrow" FOV that can actually be used with most wet macro lenses without issues of having to crop in post. Now we can't.

I am so sad that GoPro forgot about scubadivers that do use their tool underwater. Who the hell gives the users a subset of functions when they use their product inside their own housing? This is pure incompetence.
I think WE ALL may change to the Yi4k+ camera... if GoPro does not give this back. And this is really sad.

People at National Geographic, Odissey, History channel were using GoPro to shoot some scenes underwater bevause of its portability and this just... frustrates us.

Big shoot in the feet, GoPro...

Please consider a firmware upgrade to give back the Narrow FOV for 2.7k120/100 and 1080-240/200, because when filming underwater, macro subjects like small fast fish or even slow 2mm nudibranchs... it is really a need.
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Re: GoPro forgot about scubadiver videographers... so bad :(

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Hi @fernandot3607


We appreciate your feedback.

I understand how important and helpful this FOV is for your line of work.

Rest assured this will be sent to the team in charge.


Please continue to check our website/apps for updates.


Best regards,



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Re: GoPro forgot about scubadiver videographers... so bad :(

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Thank you aragon1006.

Please realize that even by accessing the menu through the buttons, by pressing mode and shoot at the "same time", we cannot change the zoom. We can get to the mode (wide, linear etc...) but not to the zoom.

And we sure miss that.
I discovered this at 20 meters deep while (NOT) shooting nudibranchs. It was a really bad discovery, I must say.