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GoPro connection to app is really unreliable.

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Hi. Just to say that I'm extremely frustrated with the number of time my GoPro can't connect to the iPhone app. I follow all the instructions to the letter and each session the connection changes and something failes. For no reason at all, it will suddenly start working again. The inconsistency of this makes it impossible to diagnose what's going on.


This is just some feedback as the connection is currently working and I can't tell you what I did to make it work...

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Re: GoPro connection to app is really unreliable.

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I hear ya:


go into the App. Edit your camera Out.

go into the bluetooth forget my device for gopro

go into the camera, simply factory reset.


 restart it all over again.  nay cases on the phone that are to thick you may want to remove as  asignal must    talk to the camera and vica verca.


If this  repeats either the camera and or the phone is with an issue, and last resort would be a firmware upgrade.  you may need to decide if the camera is at fault and  faulty hardware.  I had something very simular with my first gopro hero 7  and   returned it , worked perfect when a new one was at hand.  I chaulked mine up to a faulty camera.