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GoPro battery life and Re-Fuel battery pack issues.

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Hello all,
I have been having issues with my battery life. I use my cameras mainly to capture flight deck operations. I need to be able to set up my cameras and just have them roll for a couple of hours without messing with them. The Hero 3 and 4 seemed to be able to get a couple of hours of footage no problem. With the Hero 6,7,& now Hero 8 I now have, I am lucky to even get an hour. I bought the ReFuel battery packs for my Hero 5 & 7s and it worked for a while. Now it will only let them charge while the camera is not recording which totally defeats the purpose. Not sure if this was a firmware update or if my cameras are having issues but all 4 of them are no longer charging. Before they would shut off if they overcharged but they at least would charge and I would just be sure not to start charging with the battery pack until the internal battery was partially used. Anybody else having issues or know of some good battery life options. I am almost ready to dumb GoPro and switch to an action camera that at least has some decent battery life. I have lost some very good footage to these cameras constantly running out of battery part way through a flight. Thanks for any help or suggestions!