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GoPro Video Files Name saving sequence wrong?

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Hello I recorded 2 2hour long videos.  I opened the SD card and noticed the video is divided in 4Gb chunks which I expected. The weird thing is the naming convention because all the chunks are not in sequential order unless I import them to Quik. Is this normal? Is there any setting to organise the names in a "date of creation" basis kind of thing?  

Thank you

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Re: GoPro Video Files Name saving sequence wrong?

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Hi, Yes this is normal. A bit confusing I know.


If you look at all the files ending 40 you will notice they are ending with 0040, 10040, 20040 etc. That is your sequential files, joining those one after the other will make a complete video. The 0041, 10041 etc will be another complete video when joined in editing.




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Re: GoPro Video Files Name saving sequence wrong?

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Yes, The OS will sort and display the folder by alphebetical order by default.

I bet if you changed it to sort by date/time created it would show in the proper order as well.


Basicly it creates a set of file in the following nameing format


GOPRxxxx.mp4 for the initial file and then GPzzxxxx.mp4 for the chapters

xxxx is the file number and zz chapter 


So for example the file GOPR0040 would be the first file and GP000040 would be the first chaptered file and then GP010040 will be the second chaptered file and so forth

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Complete Crap

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Just as info,

because people seem to just accept this.

This is complete crap. Please change this in future versions.


Having those 4GB limit in 2017 is complete crap too, so, when users want to merge their videos locally to one big file, and then they also have to fight against the naming convention. It's double time crap.

Already a little bit too much.

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Re: Complete Crap

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  looks good    each video you shot are longer then a chapter that is what you're seeing 

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Re: GoPro Video Files Name saving sequence wrong?

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How can I second this motion! I absolutely hate this chaptering crap. I wish they would provide an option to disable the chaptering if this is what its called.


I want to start a recording call it 0001 then stop, then start recording and it be called 0002 then stop then keep going so I can following my day without a crazy numbering scheme the way it is. How is this logical to call it 00041 then 100041? WTF do we even know how a computer would recognize or organize this? half the time I spend more time looking for my next so called chapter. It really should be called the next frame or frames or the next 4GB or the next video after its stopped or the Freaking very next video.


How can we let GoPro know to allow the end user to choose how they want to store and name the files? Why does this sound like APPLE for video camera?


Gosh! I love the Gopro Quality but I hate what GoPro does with the Naming conventions.


Please please GOPRO its this simple: record stop 001, record stop 002, record stop 003, record stop 004 etc.......

let this be an option for users and chaptering be another one because I have a use case for the above, I know others do too.

why not give the user the freedom to decide for themselves.


okay im done venting

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Re: GoPro Video Files Name saving sequence wrong?

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While I like the fact it stores after X minutes in case of some type of failure event, I *hate* (HATE HATE LOATHE DESPISE) this effing numbering system. It makes no intuitive sense, and it takes me longer to assemble my many videos as a result, sorting through 17 different recordings broken up into any number of sub-recordings, all named as they are.


After copying files off the camera, the dates reflect the *copy* time, not the created time, so sorting by time is useless. I want something like this, although really anything that is actually sequential would be fine:


First recording:


0011 or 0012

00111 or 0013

001111 or 0014


Second recording:


0022 or 0021

00222 or 0022

002222 or 0023


and so on. As one might surmise from my tone, this is driving me absolutely bonkers.



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Re: GoPro Video Files Name saving sequence wrong?

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Limiting to 4G is just fine. Compatible with most computers old or new. Also safer than corrupting e.g. a 20G file.

Regarding filename it's really stupid.


etc should be ok