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GoPro Video Edit with original quality

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Hi! I purchased GoPro Hero 7 recently, and I love it! I'm very particular of preserving original quality. I shot some videos at 4K 25FPS 4:3 (GoPro Max Quality). I had to convert it to 16:9, to display on wide screens. I edited them in premiere pro, and tried to export it.
Now the problem is that, I want original quality video, in 16:9 ratio, with all high quality of gopro. But my exported video is less than half size(in GB) of my original video. I selected original quality settings while exporting, and also tries some other settings like HEVC compression. No matter what I do, I'm not getting close to original quality. Can anyone help?
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Re: GoPro Video Edit with original quality

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Hi @thevinaybansal


When exporting the file in Premiere Pro do you have the option to keep the original quality?