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GoPro Support for policy change at amusement parks.

I am a roller coaster enthusiast and enjoy filming on all types of thrill rides.  Many parks do not allow GoPros on rides because of safety concerns, but I honestly think it's more about copyright and protecting their "intellectual properly."  Six Flags is the only chain of parks that I know of that have permanently banned all GoPro cameras from entering their parks.  However, there are a few parks that allow GoPros and have created a friendly hands free camera policy for riders who want to film.


I personally believe GoPros are safe and should be allowed at ALL amusement parks around the world.  My goal is to educate parks, camera users, camera manufacturers, and the general public about proper safety when using GoPros and other hands free cameras while on thrill rides.


I am considering making a ride attandant training video that can be shown to park employees and the general public on what types of mounts are allowed and how to properly secure your camera before riding.


I have created a blog and Facebook page that reviews amusment parks and rides, with the emphasis being on safety.


I am desperately trying to gain support from the GoPro community and general public to support safe on ride filming so that we can begin to see more parks allow them in the near future.  I'm passionate about what I'm doing and firmly believe that filming done safetly while on rides should be allowed.  Please help me spread the word so that we can get GoPros allowed within the amusment park industry.  I need the help and support from GoPro and other camera users to make this happen.


Please checkout my blog and Facebook page.