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GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard | Review and Thoughts

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I see that you released  the 

GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard 

Warning: Using the lanyard improperly may result in injury. Don’t tie or alter it in any way.


Is the lanyard a childsafety strap?  any release at all?   Yes its at the top....


Also  why was the WInd Mic Blocked?, understanding you also covered the port usb door, battery port door, and fron lcd and led, as more holes and opening can cause    problems with fitting.   


Some excellent thought could have gone into this a small slit by the  usb port door do the USB cable to slide in  while   this protects the  camer from weather. not maing it waterproof but resistant to weather..  


Instructions were they not included,  will this cause thecamera to heat up faster and shut down more (many members here complain already about heat? many are  a user problem not knowing their devices?  


You may have thought up of a product but again rushed another one to the market incorrectly as the frame is one of them  covering up the top stereo port   hero 5 to hero 6 still  covered.


never  trying to be negative always trying to  share my thoughts




Posts: 13,687

Re: GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard | Review and Thoughts

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Lol I see the points I made were unclear to a video I watched and  wasdistracted  my fault oil well that ended well.