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GoPro Session Stops Recording After 36 Minutes




I recently purchased four GoPro Sessions to connect inside a Cessna 172 when going out on flights. I feel looking at the videos helps me see areas where I can improve.


However, I noted that the cameras shift from a steady red light to a flashing blue light after ~30 minutes. I am wondering of this means that the cameras stopped recording? If so, how can I ensure that the cameras keep recording until their batteries die out? I have 64GB Micro SD cards on all of them, so I am guessing I should keep recording for 2.5 hours, and not ~30 minutes?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: GoPro Session Stops Recording After 36 Minutes

What you are describing is pretty strange considering the two lights, red & blue, signal two entirely different functions.  The red light flashing indicates recording (solid is charging) and the blue flashing light indicates that the wi-fi is turned on.  You are going to have a much shorter battery life with the wi-fi turned on (around 30 minutes) while you will get 1-1/2 hours recording with it off.  If you want longer recordings and are using the wi-fi to turn the recording on while in flight, it might be best to just keep it off and start recording prior to take off.  I'm not sure why you would see the recording light turn off while the wi-fi light remains on as usually both will turn off once the battery runs out.

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Re: GoPro Session Stops Recording After 36 Minutes

That's odd! The battery was half full when it went off and turned flashing blue. Anyone else having the same problem?