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GoPro Recall

Enough is enough, GoPro can't keep fooling its customers.


It's high time you acknoledge the freezing issues on the GoPro 7 (also there on the GoPro 6) and rectify the issue.


The camera is plagued with issues, right from freezing to not connecting to a mobile phone to even showing a black screen on connection.


The freezing issue is the worst and happens at any given time.


GoPro support team - don't give your traditional replies to this thread like which card, which firmware, did you manually upgrade, etc. Just because I am fool enough to buy this pathetic camera with 0 reliability, doesn't mean I am stupid enough not to buy a high speed card or update the firmware properly.


We GoPro 7 users want answers and we want a camera with a stable software. We don't want our money back, we want a resolution to the software issues with the camera and we want it NOW. Escalate this matter to the software team and tell your company not to work on any future camera till you can stabilise the software on existing cameras.

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Re: GoPro Recall

Yo he tenido también problemas en mi Hero 7 SILVER, aunque he tenido la suerte de que en tienda me la han cambiado por otra... ¡tres veces! La primera tenía el fallo de congelación; las otras tres, pierden batería estando apagada; la congelación me ha pasado pero muy pocas veces.


Las recomendaciones no ayudan en este caso (actualizar manualmente,desconectar wifi y GPS, cambiar tarjeta SD, mandarme al Servicio Técnico, etc.). Lo peor casi ha sido que en su servicio técnico por chat me dijeran que es normal que pierda un 10-15% al día estando apagada.


En mi última cámara no he actualizado el firmware por ver si era eso, pero no, sigue pasando lo mismo.


No iré a cambiarla más a tienda porque ya me da vergüenza, y tampoco la quiero devolver porque la conseguí a buen precio un día que estaba de oferta.


Espero que GoPro lo solucione ya.



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I have also had problems in my Hero 7 SILVER, although I have been lucky that in store they have changed it for another one ... three times! The first had the freeze failure; the other three, lose battery while being turned off; the freezing has happened to me but very few times.


The recommendations do not help in this case (update manually, disconnect wifi and GPS, change SD card, etc.). The worst thing has almost been that in their technical service by chay they todl me that it is normal to lose 10-15% a day when it is turned off.


I will not go to change it more to store because I'm already embarrassed, and I do not want to return it because I got it at a good price one day it was on sale.


I hope that GoPro solves it already.

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Re: GoPro Recall

Freezing is typically linked to an issue with the SD card. If you have another card from our list at, please try that one to see if the issues continue. That will help us eliminate the SD card as the cause of the issue or not. If the SD card is not the issue, then the firmware is the next most likely issue, so doing a manual update can often help resolve those issues. 


If those steps don't resolve the issue, then our Support team can help. 

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Re: GoPro Recall

Already done the SD card change and software update. Stop suggesting the same thing again and again, it doesn't help one bit.


Also, the camera loses charge when turned off!

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Re: GoPro Recall

I feel like my battery goes down even if i'm not using the camera, is that normal?
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Re: GoPro Recall

Make sure your voice control is turned off, otherwise your camera battery will run down if it's awaiting a "wake on voice" command (although I think you can turn off the "wake on voice" option).  I believe this stays active for about 8 hours after the camera has been turned off.  

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Re: GoPro Recall

mine fine, use it daily with no issues

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Re: GoPro Recall

It's an issue with the camera, it drains battery on its own.