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GoPro Quik loss of quality after edit

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Like many others in this forum I also have the loss a quality after editing and compiling a video in Quik. For sharing something on Facebook or Youtube it might be ok but for saving memories in my video library I do want the original 4K resolution. After reading many of the post I have never seen a satisfying solution and I blamed it on my computer hardware, which wasn't that bad at all.

Now with a brand new computer, including high-end graphics card, I thought this issue would belong to the past. Big mistake, it's just the same garbage quality as before Smiley Frustrated

Using Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve would bring me the desired quality but I just like the way Quik can create short action movies with just a few simple clicks. 

So my questions:

1. Is there a solution for the low quality that Quik produces?

2. Alternative, is there other Video editing software available that can handle HEVC and has a similar approach as Quik in compiling an action video?




(a very disapointed Quik user)

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Re: GoPro Quik loss of quality after edit

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Quik.  The name itself kinda points to what the program does and is used for.  Making small short clips Quikly.  People also want to upload said small short clips quickly, hence Quik will only give you a max output of 1080P at 60FPS.  It's a program for novices who don't really want to invest time or money producing video, instead it gives them an option of making a cool looking professional video in just a few taps.


If you really want your high quality 4K footage, I'd just invest in a really large hard disc to store it all, that way you'll always have it and be able to edit and re-edit it at will.


If you want to make an "automovie" in High Quality, there are of course a number of programs out there, you just need to do a search to find them and be prepared to spend money to use them.