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GoPro Provides No Support

Hi Guys,


I would like to formally say, your support sucks horribly. I waited 30 minutes on the phone to talk to someone and I get a woman that doesnt listen. She created a ticket, sends me an email and that is the end of it. I have waited 4 days now with no answer, no response to my emails and 3 days worth of trying to contact someone. 


Phone Support - Your phone support sucks more than anything else. I have called in 8 times and 7 of the times it automatically hangs up after telling me that your staff is too busy. Once it rings, no one ever answers.


Chat Support - This is a joke more than anything else. Do you only have 1 person working the Live Chat system? The first 10 times I attempted to use chat, it tells me it is not available in my location. Once it finally works, it says that your agents are all busy.. and it doesnt let me pop up the chat window to sit in a queue. Once i finally passed all of these annoying steps. It says I am position 1 in line, but it takes 2+ hours before someone finally responds.. by that time I am asleep at my keyboard. 


If this is how your support is going to continue to be, I will never buy another one of your products. I am going through all of this wasting my time and I am attempting to complete a WARRANTY REPLACEMENT. I will be sending in a complaint to the BBB as I have already wasted so much time, I might as well give you guys 5 more minutes of my time to show the BBB how you treat your customers and how you are not honoring WARRANTY CLAIMS.


Thanks for no support and a cheap Chinese built product.


GoPro Support Case 03821428

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Re: GoPro Provides No Support



I am sorry you are having some trouble with your case. I have tagged the agents in your case and you should be receiving a followup.




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Re: GoPro Provides No Support

I shipped my unit which arrived last week (7/11).. no response indicated it was received, no response as to what is going to be done next.. this lack of communication is what drives people to write poor reviews.


Tracking: UPS

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Tuesday,  07/11/2017 at 10:28 A.M.

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Re: GoPro Provides No Support

 sorry to hear the news I wonder how they will win people back offer a deep discount for the fushionn while we get your gopro going.



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Re: GoPro Provides No Support

This is bull**bleep**!  I'm having the same issue, answer the **bleep**ing phone!  I've been trying for 2 weeks to contact support, I'm about to start looking into a way to resolve this through the court systems if I don't get in touch with someone.  You can't treat customers this way after they pay an outrageous price for a product that they would assume would work as advertised.  Your failure to respond should not have any bearing on the warranty which is part of the price we paid for!  

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Re: GoPro Provides No Support

I have been trying to contact GoPro support for almost a month.  It seems to be impossible.  I had some issues a year or more ago and they were very helpful.  Something has changed.  Please post if you find out how the get support.

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Re: GoPro Provides No Support

I had the same issue, it took until writing a complaint in the forums to get a response. The problem I experienced after that was that when i shipped my GoPro in, they couldnt find it. Good luck, this support is the worst I have ever experienced.

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Re: GoPro Provides No Support

I'm also struggling to get any kind of support.


Their Facebook message is just a robot...  They ignore Twitter.   I'm currently on hold on the phone, and on hold for chat...


You pay a premium price for their products, and you kinda expect a premium support service as well.