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GoPro Plus exchange experience (GoPro Max)

I'm listing my positive GoPro Plus experience here. This is for the MAX, which retails for $499 and I had to decide to get the GoPro Plus subscription. I chose the subscription because of its unlimited online storage. Previously I had a Samsung 360 camera with a beautiful superlight carbon monopod. I forgot that possibly at a hotel or a Lyft ride, and could not track it down. So I lost the camera, card, and monopod. I preordered, got the camera in late November, and used it extensively. The 64Gb card it came with, I filled up twice and each time saved as offline backup on a drive. Because of GoPro Plus I can see the content is also being saved to a cloud service. When the camera was ready (I opted to pre order a long time before it was a real product) I immediately used the GoPro Plus to get the Max Grip. This fully extends to 22inches (56cm). While this is much smaller than my carbon monopod and I have to keep learning how to use it when I was used to eye level imagery, I have since made it work. The Max Grip is exactly the same as the stick for the previous Fusion, possibly known as the fusion grip. Half price due to GoPro Plus rental subscription. So $30 instead of $60. This does not apply to batteries, I wanted to get the dual Max USB C battery case with included battery, but no discount. The camera got scratches on both lenses of the 360 camera in less than 2 months of receiving it. I was on a beach, it got knocked over, then rolled and scratches are now on both sides of the lens. The entire return process took 50 minutes. I used the contact button on the website and opted to chat. While in the chat I had to find and send the camera serial number. Opening the battery case, it's listed there. Verified it in chat again, although the contact form specifically asks for it. Chat sent a link, where I uploaded pictures of the scratches, taken with the same phone I'm live chatting with. Said it was $99 exhange fee, I agreed to pay. From there the live chat person directed me to click call on the gopro contact page and gave me a reference number. While on a live chat on my phone I opted this time for the call button within contact, using the previous page still on my phone. They call you. Missed call due to trying to find all my accessories in case they asked for them. My phone has text to translate voicemails, said they would call back. They called back within 10 minutes. Reiterated everything, put on hold. Asked what is the issue, stated scratches on both lenses, put on hold again. When it came back, the lady said since it's so recent, since this is the first issue on the GoPro Plus, the $99 will be waived. So they emailed an RMA form. In case someone is considering getting the GoPro Plus rental, my experience so far has been worth it. You pay for a product, and this rental covers accidents with some discounting. There should be a more seamless transition from live chat to payment, which would have saved some time, but I have just printed out the RMA form return label and it will not cost me to ship back the camera. They need no other accessories, just the cam shipped back before the replacement is sent here. I'll update this with that experience later. 10/10, would recommend GoPro Plus rental as an insurance policy. Because otherwise I would have been out a nice 360 cam due to some sand.

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Re: GoPro Plus exchange experience (GoPro Max)

GoPro has always been not only fair, but more than fair, whenever I've dealt with them. Be sure to follow the instructions for the RMA (write the RMA number on the box, put the RMA receipt in the box, do not send battery, lens caps, cable, or pouch). It will take a few days for GoPro to receive the camera in their shipping, a couple days for processing, and then the new camera will be sent out (it will be new but in a brown box). In general, the process should take about 7-14 business days in total (sometimes sooner).