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GoPro Plus discount is worthless!

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So Gopro are selling media mods at full price via their Offical Shop on Amazon, so they must have them is stock. However the Media Mod has not been available through the GoPro Plus Store for weeks. So it would appear they are keeping the stock they have, so they can sell it at full price....  Why am I paying for GoPro Plus? this is not a good way to treat loyal customers!

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Re: GoPro Plus discount is worthless!

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So what you are really saying is that you have no idea what a "PO" is and how manufucturing actually works.  Ok, let me explain it to you in very simple terms.


While GoPro have an Amazon store page, it is run by a seperate entity.  When the media mods were produced, the seperate entity would have fulfilled an internal purchase order for x amounts of units.

At the same time, GoPro themselves would also place an internal order for x amount of units for their own direct customers as well as GoPro plus subscribers.  These figures are all based upon "forecast demand" vs "available qty".


Keeping that in mind, when the orders were complete and sent to their respective departments, there was then limited stock available for each department.  Since Amazon is a huge retailer and does lots of volume in sales, there's no doubt that the demand (and therefore the order) was larger so there is still stock available.


Hopefully that explained things in a way that's understandable for you.