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GoPro Phishing website

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Just found a phishing site. Selling a GoPros at a ridiculous price.


Action Cameras, 360 Camera + Accessories (


Indicators that this is a phishing site.

-Not all of the site is there

-Crazy prices

-Popup discounts that arn't gopro style.



Hopefully this can be pulled down before to many people get ripped off.


Look at the screen shot. They are selling sticky pads for a double negative percent. More than they were originaly.

Screenshot (5).png
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Re: GoPro Phishing website

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Hello @jordanj62413


Thanks for letting us know! This has been reported to the team in charge.
We suggest not to do any transactions with this site.
If you wish to purchase a camera, you may refer to




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Re: GoPro Phishing website

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Thanks. Just thought I would let someone know.