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GoPro Max... what a joke!!!

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Just bought the GoPro Max. Nothing but issues. This camera is not ready to be put on store shelves. It might be the best camera in the world but I’ll never know because I can’t view the videos. I tried editing the 360 videos on my brand new iPhone and this error pops up: “Photo bursts, 4K 4:3 video and 360 media are not supported at this time”. I tried this on multiple iPhones from the newest generation all the way to an iPhone 6s. Called GoPro customer care and they told me to download GoPro Player on my brand new gaming PC... the only problem with that is that “GoPro Player” doesn’t even exist for PC, it’s only for Mac. Then customer service told me to install Exporter which I’ve done and it keeps crashing as soon as in import media and start the queue. I tried doing fresh installs of exporter 3 times with no luck. GoPro, you’ve obviously rushed to put the GoPro Max on shelves before all of its software was ready. This is unacceptable. You’d think your company would have learned from that same mistake you made with the crappy Karma Drone. I should add that customer care told me to “just use the MAX in Hero mode instead of 360 mode until they can sort out the software issues”... if I wanted the Hero I wouldn’t have bought the MAX!!! Smh!
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Re: GoPro Max... what a joke!!!

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Hello @act1photo. Please see the response posted to your other thread. See .