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GoPro Max - seperation line



Last week I bought a GoPro Max and I've had a problem with it all week. It doesn't connect the images of the two lenses well. This way I can't use the 360° footage of this camera, because there is a separation line all over the image. This problem is not only with 360° videos but also with 360° photos. I've already looked up some videos about people who have the same problem as me, but I can't find the solution.


Enclosed I send you a screenshot of a 360° photo to make it clear. (Attaching a video wasn't possible.)


I hope you can help me, because it would be a shame if this doesn't get solved.


Thanks in advance.



Gopro Max issue.png
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Re: GoPro Max - seperation line

There is a minimum distance you must maintain from the camera in order for stitching to take place.  If you put your hand or any other object up close to the camera like you're doing in the picture, it will affect the stitching.

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Re: GoPro Max - seperation line

Okay! I tried it and it worked indeed.
Thank you!