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GoPro Max - non swiveling mount ideas?

Does anybody have a good solution how to prevent that the Max swivels when mounted on a selfie stick?

Reason to prevent the possible swiveling, is because you want to keep the selfie stick invisible.


I have not found a non swiveling adapter or mount yet so any ideas / suggestions etc are most welcome


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Re: GoPro Max - non swiveling mount ideas?

Not sure what you mean by swiveling on the selfie stick.  I've never had this happen.  Could you post some photo's or a video of what the issue is?


When buying a 3rd party selfie stick, I find that buying a grooved stick prevents the possiblity of a heavy camera causing it to swivel/rotate.


When attaching to mounts, to keep the camera straight, just tightening the thumbscrew until the camera doesn't move seems to work.