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GoPro Max keine Telemetrydaten

So, nun weiß ich, dass in den Filmen die Telemetrydaten enthalten sind.

Ich kann sie über Telemetry Extractor sehen. In GoPro Quik unter "Messdaten einstellen" steht nur "KEINE GPS-DATEN"!


Kann mir jemand helfen?

Gruß zappelone

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Re: GoPro Max keine Telemetrydaten

The GoPro Max GPS data is not compatible with Quik for Windows or macOS. You can modify your files with this tool to make them compatible:


(Disclaimer: I created the tool)


You can also extract the data with the Telemetry Extractor and edit your videos in other software like Virb Edit or After Effects.

Here are some more tips to work with the GPS data:

GoPro GPS not working? Enable the gauges overlay with the GPS Quick Fix tool: Telemetry Extractor free: Frequently Asked Questions: ...
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Re: GoPro Max keine Telemetrydaten


I have the Pro (paid) version of your software and I have to say that it is fantastic.  Not only does it work great, but you have great style. The interface is very clean and easy to use.  I've been playing around with the extractor and using the GPS overlay features from virb edit.  It's very cool and I really appreciate the effort you have put into this and the support you have given to all of us in the GoPro Community.  I'm really surprised that GoPro hasn't purchased your software or hired you on as a consultant. 


Good stuff, and thanks again!

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Re: GoPro Max keine Telemetrydaten

@danielr15 Really appreciated! I can say the same about all the support you provide here!

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Betreff: GoPro Max keine Telemetrydaten

Wo ist hier der GoPro Support?

Ich habe die Kamera gekauft, da mir versprochen wurde, dass ich die Telemetrydaten in meinem Video sehen kann.

Jetzt soll ich eine Software kaufen, die diesen GoProFehler behebt? Das ist ja wohl ein Witz.


Das Teil ist teuer und nicht zu gebrauchen.