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GoPro Max for surfing

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Hi all,
What’s the best way to secure a GoPro Max on a surfboard? Floaty is not possible if I have well understood.
Thanks a lot
Best regards
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Re: GoPro Max for surfing

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I would use one of the stick on tether attachments.  You will see the tether in the 360 video, but if the camera comes loose at least the tether will catch it.  And when you re-frame you can likely hide the tether pretty good.

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Re: GoPro Max for surfing

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I bought a 40 dollar skateboard helmet from rebel sport and stuck the mount to the top with a small SS bolt through it for good measure. The cam was to close to the helmet which gave me stitching issues so I bolted a piece of carbon tube to the back of the helmet that mounted the cam about 12 to 14 inches above the helmet . This gave me the effect of directly above and slightly behind I was very happy with the results. I use the MAX for windsurfing and windfoiling and the helmet pov is able to take in the board, rig and myself with the correct angle and zoom. The tube is invisible it's like having your own mini drone on follow.


I find the weight of the cam and helmet doesn't affect my balance but this might differ for surfing. I had to get a helmet size of 8 years plus to be sure of a snug fit. I don't fall in often so I don't find the helmet and issue but for surfing it might be a little different. Carbon fibre tubes can be purchased online in 1 metre lengths and are relativley inexpensive. I also had to grind down a gopro arm accessory to fit in the end of the tube and this was the most complicated part of the process so it was an easy task all round.


Windsurfers and windfoilers often wear helmets anyway so the helmet mount doesn't draw second glances but as a surfer wearing this helmet may cause you to contract social leprosy lol.


helmet mount.jpg