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GoPro Max camera issues: sound issues, freezing touch screen, and other issues

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I ordered my first GoProMax in May and it was working fine for about a month, then I started having issues with sound when recording 360 videos. The video recorded fine, but the sound was basically a loud white noise hiss. When I contacted customer service they helped me trouble shoot with manual updates, then concluded my camera needed to be replaced under the warranty. My camera was replaced after I shipped it back to them and it was processed, which took nearly 3 weeks total. When I received my new camera, the first time I used it the 360 video I shot had the same hissing sound issue, and other videos I thought I shot through the GoPro app did not record. I also experienced many other camera operating issues such as the touch screen freezing, the screen black while the camera is on, inability to navigate through the touch screen and power off camera. This was with the replacement camera! So I contacted customer support, and spent 90 minutes on a chat trouble shooting all aspects of the camera, the SD card, the software, the battery. And the conclusion was that the camera was not working. I asked very nicely that they do an advanced replacement, meaning they send me the new working replacement first, then I return my malfunctioning one, so that I don’t have to spend another 2-3 weeks without a camera for the 2nd time. I was told they would ask for an approval in this case, because I have received two faulty cameras. But I got an email shortly after the customer support saying sorry, no advanced replacements. And basically have to send my 2nd camera back to them to be replaced again. I am very surprised by this lack of good customer service, and by the fact that I received two malfunctioning Go Pro Max cameras. Anyone else having these issues with the Max, or with customer support?