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GoPro Max Screen Freeze and Camera not working

I purchased (yesterday on July 3rd) GoPro Max -  followed instructions by setting camera up to Device (I Phone)


However, when i was in control mode i selected flip lense screen and the camera screen went black and touch screen stsrted to freeze,

Therefore two issues - i cant see any camera viewing on touch screen (to be able to record) - and the touch screen freezes..  i have reviwed the community blogs on here and tried the following:-


Removed battery and reinstalled (Turn off/on again)

Charged battery once over 

I have taken SD card out (formatted SD card) and no change to screen

I have manually re-installed latest SW (using community instructions) and no change


Any suggestions ??I


I have gone back to Currys (UK distributor) where they have requested i follow exhchange/returns policy online - now waiting for Curry's to contact back.. Unless there is a specific fix that i havent already tried. 

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Re: GoPro Max Screen Freeze and Camera not working

Hello @heroicflar40627. The freezing issue in a camera is usually an indicator the camera's software needs to be updated or there is potentially an issue with the microSD being used. The suggested troubleshooting steps can be found here:

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Re: GoPro Max Screen Freeze and Camera not working

Thanks for your comment, however i tried all those steps and still no joy - so i have had to return the product back to the 3rd party supplier..


(Although - im going to re-order direct from Go-Pro)