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GoPro Max Remote/Bluetooth bug

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Hi All,


after not seeing a great way to share software bugs I guess we'll do it the old fashion way and *hopefully* someone can pass this along to the correct team.


We were noticing in our application that Bluetooth disappears on the Max (maybe the Hero 9?  Another one is on the way!) and tracked it down to the following sequence:


1. Set Auto-Power Off to 5 minutes.
2. Allow GoPro max to power off after the 5 minutes

(Bluetooth is working fine here)
3. Plug in USB power
4. Wait 10 seconds (has to be at least this)
5. Remove USB power
6. GoPro Max is no longer a visible bluetooth device (remote won't work).
7. If USB power is plugged in it will show up again.


One might wonder why on earth we would be doing this sequence -- we periodically turn on/off the power to the camera to reduce power consumption for a long unattended time period.  The camera and USB charging take quite a bit of current so we simply stop charging the camera for a period of time once it is close to being fully charged.  We want our GoPro's out in the field for weeks!

Unfortunately this seems to completely disable Bluetooth -- no more remote control.  Sad day indeed!


This has all been verified using engineering tools but a simple phone should do the trick.


Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: GoPro Max Remote/Bluetooth bug

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Hello, @supersummi6413. Followed your instructions accordingly and we were successfully able to pair a MAX with the Quik App (via Bluetooth) without having to plug in the USB cable again. This may not be exactly the same setup as you were using a remote control. 


To further isolate the issue, we recommend doing a manual firmware update on the MAX. This will help clear any possible issue with the current installation. The steps under Manual Update here will guide you. 


After the update, try pairing the camera with the remote again. If you can, do the same with the Quik app. Let us know how it goes. Thanks!