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GoPro Max, Premiere 2020, FX Reframe not working with Time Remapping


Per the subject, I'm trying to use the FX Reframe plugin with Time Remapping in Premiere 2020.


I have created many videos with Premiere and my Max (Cineform 5.6K material in this case).  I have used the FX Reframe plugin successfully several times.  I shot some video with the Max mounted on my motorcycle helmet as I went on a ride.  As I try to edit I'm having serious issues mixing the Time Remapping functionality in Premiere with the FX Reframe plugin.   The Time Remapping seems to seriously break the plugin functionality.   A typical issue.....


I adjust the Time Remapping first  (FX Reframe plugin applied, but no keyframes set yet).  So far so good.  Then I set some simple FX Reframe keyframes.....zoom out a bit, pan 90 degrees.    I set an initial zoom keyframe on the first frame of the clip  at 100%, move 2 seconds forward, and set another zoom keyframe at 150%.  Error.......the entire clip gets set to a zoom of 150%.   Premiere shows the zoom value changing corectly, but the video sticks at 150% throughout.


These effects don't seem to play together.