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GoPro Max / GPS / 360 Mode



I understand that GPS "Stickers" (display of e.g. speed, G forces, heading, track, ...) are not supported in 360 video.


My question is: Will the GPS file (which contains the location data) still be created? (i.e. is it just a question of not being possible to add the stickers? Or is it a question of the data logging?)



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Re: GoPro Max / GPS / 360 Mode

Once you have a GPS signal, the GPS data will be embedded into the video.  The GoPro app simply doesn't support the stickers in 360 degree's as it would be very complex, require a horizon reframe of the stickers and additional keyframes for users to deal with (so that's two layers of keyframes).


However you can still use PC apps like Dashware or Racerender to read the GPS data off your 360 file.

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Re: GoPro Max / GPS / 360 Mode

perfect, thank you so much!