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GoPro Max Battery Issue (not powering properly)

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I have 2 Max battiers so I know its not a battery problem.


Sometimes it shows 90% and then bounces to 7% or 0% and back to 90%

Sometimes it thinks there is no battery.

And most of the time it won't even turn on.


I've had a GoPro Max in the past and its worked fine but bought a new one last week and its having issues... Has anyone had anyting similar?  And, Yes! The batteris are chareged.



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Re: GoPro Max Battery Issue (not powering properly)

Hello @fulks


Sorry for any trouble caused.

What SD card are you using?

See if re-flashing the software will help. Please follow the manual update steps on

After the update, reset the camera.


If it's still the same, please reach out to our Support Team through
Please have your camera's serial number and proof of purchase ready.


As this is a recent purchase you may also refer to the same store you got the camera from for a faster turn around.




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Re: GoPro Max Battery Issue (not powering properly)

I just tried reseting the camera to Default (it already has the most up to date software on it).

I'm using the SanDisck Extreme 128GB V30 A2
Similar card that I've used with many other GoPro models

It has the latest software version 01.50.00

I'll try reaching out to support
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Re: GoPro Max Battery Issue (not powering properly)

Thanks for going over the suggested steps, @fulks. Let us know if anything else comes up.