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GoPro MAX doesn't recognize iPhone Personal HotSpot Wifi

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I have a GoPro MAX that I am trying to use for livestreaming. In order to do this I am trying to use my iPhone's Personal Hotspot, which is currently enabled and active running from the phone. However when I go to 'Select a Network' from my GoPro app, the HotSpot does not appear in the list as an available Network.


It did appear once, a while ago, but it for some reason has never appeared on the list again. 


I have installed the latest GoPro Product Software Update, and have tried restarting each device numerous times. 


Hoping someone can help as livestreaming outdoors is one of the main reasons I bought this camera and if that is just not possible then that would be very dissapointing. 



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Re: GoPro MAX doesn't recognize iPhone Personal HotSpot Wifi

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Hello @modularmoon


Are you able to live stream using a Wi-Fi network?

Can you help us with the following information: Camera version, GoPro App version, phone and OS version.


To help isolate this, would you be able to test the camera with another phone?