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GoPro MAX - Stabilization is jittery, especially at night

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Hi, My name is Nayan Majumder from Bangladesh. I am GoPro MAX user. I notiched that stabilization is jittery, especially at night! Please check the video. GoPro you should solve it. It is an expensive camera and if night video is BAD then huge disadvantage.


I am huge GoPro Fan. I also have Hero 7 Black, Hero 5 Black, Karma Grip, Smart Remote and more GoPro accessories. I have a YouTube Channel and I made 90% videos by GoPro. Subscriber 68K+ ,


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Betreff: GoPro MAX - Stabilization is jittery, especially at night

unfortunately I cannot see this video in a good quality . Youtube is in this case too bad .

But , if you are complaining about this sometimes blurry-frames effect that looks like jitter, then I strongly assume that it is not the stabilisation or the camera, it is the recorded video itself.

Everytime when you or your stick gets hitted by someone/something or even if you are making a harder footstep then you are moving the camera within the given exposuretime faster then at the frames before and after.

In case of bright sunlight , you will not see any noticable difference , but at night, this type of camera uses the max exposuretime which can be up to a 25th/30th second (depending on 25fps or 30fps).

In that exposuretime you will see every faster movement as a motionblur , or in case the electric lights have been flickering , it is like a strobe effect.


Check that video inside an editor (Resolve or something else) frame by frame , and see wether it looks like a longterm-exposure, or, in case I'm wrong, it is a sharp picture that jumps a bit in elation to the frame before (then it is in fact a bad stabilisation).


In my opinion , this problem occurs these days with every camera with that type of mobile-phone-size camerasensors. The are still way to insensitive.

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Re: GoPro MAX - Stabilization is jittery, especially at night

You're shooting at night at 30FPS with image stabilization (hypersmooth) active.  This will result in the blurring that you are seeing.  This will happen every time the camera is jogged and sometimes with every footstep you take.  With the GoPro Hero 6,7 and 8, the issue is solved by turning off the EIS and using a Gimbal, or upping the frame rate to a minimum of 60 FPS.  Unfortunately with the Max, this may not be an option.  


You can either shoot from a tripod to reduce your motion, shoot where there is a lot more light, or try to keep the end of the selfie stick balanced against your body to help reduce overall movement.