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GoPro Issue starting up

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I just recently go the GoPro 7 and I haven’t been able to use it at all. I went through the steps of pairing it to my phone. The last thing I saw pop up was it asking to start the update. It’s been “updating” ever since. It just keeps cutting on and off which I know is apart of the process but I know it can’t take this long. How long is the initial update supposed to take? The only thing that pops up is the arrow pointing down at a camera on the screen. I’ve talked to others and there’s hasn’t taken nowhere near this long. Please help!
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Re: GoPro Issue starting up

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Hi @foggydusk83825,


Looks like a corrupted file or SD card issue. 


Can you please try to check if you're using a recommended SD card?


If you're using a recommended SD card and still having issues please try this.

Follow Manual Update Step posted on that link. 

Make sure to reformat your SD card before following the steps.