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GoPro Hero7 Firmware Update

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Hy GoPro users Smiley Wink

Does anyone know when a new firmware will come out?

With the casual fixes, but with some of the new options on the new gopro8 hopefully Robot Happy


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Betreff: GoPro Hero7 Firmware Update

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Why should there be an update? You won't get any new features - they want you to buy the new model. Everything else just works flawlessly without any exception. And if it doesn't, just update manually and buy lots of different sd cards - according to Gopro support.

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Re: Betreff: GoPro Hero7 Firmware Update

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@davidream, new information about software releases are posted at Software Update Release Information. You may continue to check the website from time to time for updates.

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Re: GoPro Hero7 Firmware Update

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What version do you have. I Bought a new H7 last week, and when I set it up it installed version 1.9.