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Re: GoPro Hero7 Black Audio Drift Synch Issue (Multiple Cameras)

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In this post I will give the context, other bugs, and an insufficient work around for my entire problem.  Please note, this workaround is not a replacement for fixing the bug report above!  If the bug was fixed, it would reduce my post processing time tremendously.


I've redone the manual installation on both cameras.  This is the second time I've followed the manual installation instructions and applied 1.90 to the cameras.  I did not use quick capture to start the cameras this time.  In fact, see “Other Bugs” #1  below for the reason why.



I produce kayak fishing videos ( ).  In a fishing session I fish for ~4-5 hours and try to produce a ~10-12 minute video from it.  I have two Hero7's filming from different angles, my phone filming different segments, and a separate audio recorder running the entire time to capture audio from a lavalier microphone.  I bring all of this content together in post to produce a video.  My goal is to reduce the amount of post processing time spent managing multiple clips, aligning the audio, eliminating footage, etc.  Two bugs from GoPro are really hampering my process optimization efforts and are causing me additional production man hours!  The two bugs are the main one reported in the previous post, namely, (1) audio drift in long running video captures, and (2) looping mode support for 2.7k, 60 fps, HyperSmooth captured video (see Other Bugs #2 below).



My desire was to power my cameras continuously, and record continuously for the entire 4-5 hours, import the footage into DR16, align a single sync point, and then start my editing sessions by eliminating major chunks of video.  The audio drift bug prevents me from doing that.  And yes, DR16 has a multicam feature which will align multiple clips by sound, but that does not work reliably either.  I posted a bug on their site about that already.  And yes, Plural Eyes may work better to help manage multiple clips, but it’s expensive and not reliable with DR16, etc.  Ok, back to the GoPro bugs…


Work Around

So, what I must do to avoid the audio drift is capture shorter clips of video, and then align those clips individually.  Or, as an alternative I could try to remember to produce multiple audio sync points, by clapping my hands about every 20-60 minutes, in a continuous video recording.  Cut each video near the sync points, and then realign all segments by that sync point.  That's even more work than just starting and stopping the recordings throughout the day. 


So, I purchased a Smart Remote and now I start and stop recordings around interesting segments and/or a maximum recording length (20-60 mins).  This produces almost as much work as when I ran on batteries.  When the battery in a camera died it would automatically stop recording, I would replace the battery, start the recording, and then perform a sync clap and go back to fishing.  I’m looking for a start recording, go fishing, finish fishing, stop recording solution or even better, a start stop recording solution that eliminates unwanted footage automatically (see Other Bug #2).   Otherwise, I have to remember to start and stop recordings and sync clap at the beginning of each, signal myself at the end of a video clip prior to stopping recording to know whether that clip should be kept or eliminated (see Other Bug #2), and then load up each file in post to discern whether to keep it or not (see Other Bug #2), oh and remember to pull the batteries before recording on USB power (see Other Bug #1), etc.  The GoPro camera should do that work for me!  It would, if the bugs were fixed.


Other Bug

So aside from the main audio drift bug in the previous post, I ran into two more:


  1. Neither camera will capture video for more than a few seconds with the batteries plugged in and while on external power.  This worked when I was originally running 1.90, but after updating manually to 1.90 several times it never works.  It’s almost as if the camera thinks it’s charging the battery and when the battery is fully charged it won’t record for more than a few seconds before stopping the recording maybe because it doesn’t want to overcharge the battery?  I had hoped that the engineering design would have stopped charging the battery but let recordings continue.  This bug is a nuisance but it is lower priority than the other two.
  2. This one is obviously by design to GoPro, however, with the main audio drift bug reported in the previous post, I consider this a bug because it would allow for a much better workaround.  In fact, if this were fixed I would use it instead of long running video altogether.  Looping mode does not support 2.7k, 60 fps, with HyperSmooth.  Why would this help?  First, I capture my footage at 2.7k, 60 fps, with HyperSmooth.  Ideally I’d be able to control the capturing of my footage in order to eliminate storing segments that I want to throw away in post.  I could use looping to do that by only stopping the recording when I know I want to capture the last 5 to 20 minutes.  I was excited to use this feature but ran smack into the fact that it won’t allow me to use it with my desired capture settings.  Ugh!  If this were working it would achieve my objective even better; as long as the audio drift wouldn’t occur in looping mode!  As it stands, I’m trying to remember to give myself a signal at the end of each video to indicate if I want to keep that segment or not.  Then I can watch the last 30 seconds of a video to know whether to throw out that segment or not.  Lot’s of wasted time in post.
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Re: GoPro Hero7 Black Audio Drift Synch Issue (Multiple Cameras)

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Thank you for sharing the workaround, @ronj25. Is the SD card you are using Extreme, or Extreme Pro? 


As for Bug #1. Neither camera will capture video for more than a few seconds with the batteries plugged in and while on external power. 


We tested with a HERO7Black with camera firmware updated to v1.90, the battery in and connected to an external power source (tested both a powerbank and direct connection to a power outlet) but we are unable to replicate the issue. We were able to record up to at least 5 minutes (and just manually stopped the recording). 


If both your cameras are behaving consistently as you described, it would be best to get in touch with our Support team so they can help with further troubleshooting. You can connect with the team through . 

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Re: GoPro Hero7 Black Audio Drift Synch Issue (Multiple Cameras)

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Ok, I found another debilitating bug/design choice/flaw (bug #4) that prevents me from optimizing my post production for long running sports related video. 


GoPro, please work on this stuff.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.  I've pinged another person that's run into the very same issues and reported them over the last 3 years.


I'll summarize briefly the bugs reported in this thread (thus far):


Bug 1: Long Simultaneous Recordings from Two or more Hero7 Black GoPro Cameras experience Audio Drift when recording

2.7K, 60 fps. (Priority: High)

That means that when the audio is synchronized at the beginning of the recording to each video, it will not be synchronized across videos at the end of a continuous recording of 4-5 hours.


Bug 2: GoPro Hero7 Black cameras plugged in to USB power while having fully charged batteries do not always record for more than a few seconds. (Priority: Low)

The workaround is to pull the batteries and run entirely on USB power.


Bug 3: GoPro Hero7 Black cameras do not support looping video at 2.7K at 60 fps. (Priority: High)

Support for this would totally eliminate the entire scenario I'm trying to implement and have the greatest impact on reducing post production time for common sports related scenarios.


Bug 4: (new) GoPro SmartRemote does not support HiLight creation when two cameras are connectedd. (Priority: High)

Support for this feature would be almost as impactful as support for Bug #3 reported above.  It would reduce a large portion of post production time for common sports related scenarios.


My overall priority order for fixing these four bugs would be:

1. Bug #3 - provided the drift issue wouldn't impact a 20 minute loop mode recording that runs for 5 hours.

2. Bug #4 - this would still eliminate a great deal of work.

3. Bug #1

4. Bug #2

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Re: GoPro Hero7 Black Audio Drift Synch Issue (Multiple Cameras)

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Q: Is the SD card you are using Extreme, or Extreme Pro?

A: Extreme