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GoPro Hero5 Shutter Button wont work!

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Hi. The Shutter button on my GoPro Hero5 wont work when I press it. Tried several times with no success. I think it may have been stuck initially as it was stuck in camera mode and kept on taking pictures repeatedly and saving. Please can someone help me with a solution?


I have done soft reset and hard resets, installed updates and re-formatted the Sandisk SD Cards. Additionally - I tried using my GoPro App to take picture on my phone remotely and this works but the actual shutter button still does not work. I live in the UAE and there appears to be NO service centre for GoPro or anyone who can guide me to to a repairer for GoPro.


Would appreciate your assistance on how to resolve.





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Re: GoPro Hero5 Shutter Button wont work!

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Hi @aneshm008,


Please contact our customer support team via phone or chat.

They can assist you.


Just prepare a copy of your proof of purchase and serial number.