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GoPro Hero black 7 raw audio

Hello GoPro Users,
I have GoPro Hero Black 7. I am trying to understand raw audio. I turned on the protune mode and also RAW audio is set to LOW. When I record a video I should get the separate audio track in .wav format. After connecting to the laptop(windows8.1) I don't see any .wav files in the SD card. I only see the video which also has sound in it. My intention is, I should get separate audio track so that I can process it in audio editing software. Can anyone please help me?




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Re: GoPro Hero black 7 raw audio

Hello @nicestoke13617


RAW Audio

This setting creates a separate .wav file for your video, in addition to the standard .mp4 audio track. This setting is useful if you want a separate .wav file to share or use in an advanced editing program. You can select the level of processing to apply to the RAW audio track: 

  • Low: Applies minimal processing; ideal if you apply audio processing in post-production.
  • Medium: Applies processing based on your Manual Audio Control setting (wind and/or stereo). If you have Manual Audio Control turned off, the camera automatically switches between wind filtering and stereo audio.
  • High: Applies full audio processing (automatic gain and AAC encoding).

How did you check for the raw audio files? Audio files in .wav format (raw) are captured in the same location and with the same file name as .mp4 files. To access them,  you need to insert your microSD into a card reader and locate the files with your computer’s file explorer. Please check again and let us know how it goes. 




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Re: GoPro Hero black 7 raw audio

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Correct me if I'm wrong: so I just can't view and transfer WAV files if connect my gopro7 to laptop as a usb device (w/o inserting SD card) ?

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Re: GoPro Hero black 7 raw audio

@videoantonix, yes, that is correct. You will have to insert your microSD card into an SD card reader/adapter in order to get the RAW photos / audio files through your computer's File Explorer / Finder.