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GoPro Hero 9 audio recording issue

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I am having an issue with my gopro hero 9 recording audio, with a external mic connected via the 3.5mm gopro adapter I find that once it is setup the initial recording is fine however, thereafter is where the issue starts as there are large segments of footage that have no sound. 


I have found that when connecting the 3.5mm , Ext Mic and setup the gopro to acknwoledge a mic mode one needs to restart the gopro so audio can be recorded.


Is there something that I need or can do to ensure all footage has audio recording? 

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Re: GoPro Hero 9 audio recording issue

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Hi @livelytree6572


What version is the camera on?

What kind of external mic are you using?


You may also check these links:

External Microphone Information with the Pro 3.5mm Mic Adaptor and Media Mod

External Microphone Recommendations




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Re: GoPro Hero 9 audio recording issue

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Hi Aragon,


My cameras are on the latest version HD9. and the Ext Mic I was using is the Purple Panda Lavier as well as the Movo VXR 10 Pro . same story. 


Thank you for the links, will check it out.