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GoPro Hero 9 Lockup after USB Charging

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Is anyone else experiencing USB lockup after charging your GoPro Hero 9 via USB cable?


This has happened to me twice so far in one week. I lhad left it connected to USB cable and third-party USB charger and hours later both red LEDs were still on solid. I unplugged the USB cable and both LED were still solid and would not turn off. Pressing the record and power buttons did not unlock camera.


- Is this caused by camera hardware/software?
- Is this issue triggered by the third party USB charger?

- Could this issue cause damage to camera or battery if occurring repeatedly?


Firmware Version: 01.2.1


My YouTube Video illustrating issue and how to resolve: 


USB charger it was plugged into 


GoPro Hero 9 Camera does is not always turning on on after charging via a wall charger via USB? Are both LEDs on solid and will not turn off? After one week ...