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GoPro Hero 9 - Constant Crashes - Powering Off

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Hi guys,


Getting pretty frustrated in truth, bought the GoPro 9 back in October, honestly was really impressed at first however I've come to have some pretty problematic issues arise.


1) Random Crashing - For whatever reason, the GP9 seems to just keep crashing - usually when recording from being off, I'll press the record button to get it to start to recording - only it never will, it'll either:
a) Power up - but not start recording and crash.

b) Not power up at all - requiring the battery to removed and re-seated (annoying af with the Media Mod on a tripod).

c) Power up - record - but then crash when trying to stop it.

and when powered up - sometimes it will just randomly crash, again requiring the battery to be removed.


2) Powering off at 35%+ battery - The screen facing me displays "Battery Low, Turning Off" MID RECORDING. 
Honestly, this has definitely been the more frustrating issue, I bought an action camera to capture difficult, often once in a lifetime moments - I really REALLY don't want it powering off when it chooses at 35% BATTERY?! 

Has anyone else faced this issue?


3) Jagged/aliased Edges at 1080p - 60fps - This issue has been documented by other users on the forum, but yeah, 1080p at 60fps looks absolutely awful, a lot of the footage I captured is as good as useless it looks so poor.


So yeah, I'm honestly not having a great time with the GoPro 9 - I spend more of my time recently cursing it for either crashing or turning off at undesired moments than I seem to have been actually getting the clips.


Any help, as always would appreciated as when the thing works, the footage is incredible - and I want more of that.


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Re: GoPro Hero 9 - Constant Crashes - Powering Off

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Same here, shuts off at 30-35% mid recording (or you can't even start recording at that battery level). Tried with multiple batteries, different settings - it's always the same
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Re: GoPro Hero 9 - Constant Crashes - Powering Off

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Hello @fireydusk66552 @vb1988


If you have gone through the steps on Camera Freezes Up and a manual update has been done, the best path forward is to reach out to Support.

You may submit a request for a callback or initiate a chat session through

Please let them know of the troubleshooting steps taken.




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Re: GoPro Hero 9 - Constant Crashes - Powering Off

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Glad I'm not the only one, such a frustrating issue.
Going to contact support as suggested! 

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Re: GoPro Hero 9 - Constant Crashes - Powering Off

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me too i have the same thing and more thing in low temperature the battery go down in 5 minute ...

what a **bleep** .....