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GoPro Hero 8 turns back on as soon as its turned off. When will this bug be fixed?

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Purchased a GoPro Hero8 and am having issues with it, that many others are having as well. It turns back on as soon as I turn it off when Blutetooth is enabled on my android phone. I tried the manual update with the factory reset and returning the camera for a replacement as your reps indicate on multiple threads. The new camera is having the same issue. There are countless posts on your support forum on this issue going as far back as November 2019. A lot of the suggested workarounds are to turn off Bluetooth on my phone, which is not a usable workaround as I use Bluetooth for many other things. Also suggested is to disable Bluetooth, voice control, and wifi on the camera. This is also not an acceptable workaround as these are key features of your product.

When will you be fixing this bug, as it has been out there almost an entire year? I was very excited to purchase your product and I saved up my money, and bought the camera and many accessories that I can no longer return. Had I known of this issue I would have invested elsewhere. I find it absolutely ridiculous that you are selling a broken product to customers.  Please talk to your engineering department and provide an update of where this defect stands on your product roadmap. Do not tell me to do the same troubleshooting steps again that don't correct the issue.

I attached some example forum posts below. If you search your forums you will find many more.

This thread has 14 pages and is still active since 11-2019:

This thread has 8 pages and is still active since 12-2019:

Here's another thread where the workaround is suggested to just disable the features from one of your employees: