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GoPro Hero 8 not connecting to computer and GoPro Quik

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I have tried to connect my new GoPro Hero 8 to my new laptop (laptop has no issues connecting cameras to it). The Camera on its large screen states "USB Connected" and my laptop makes a USB connected sound, i'm using the GoPro USB cable provided. The Front screen has a icon of a USB. I have checked the drivers on my laptop as well and updated the USB drivers. I have also made sure the camera is up to date as well on its updates. I have removed the battery from the camera, and the SD card and tried again. The camera does not show up in file explorer or device manager. The camera works fine with the app on my phone. 

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Re: GoPro Hero 8 not connecting to computer and GoPro Quik

Hi @bartholome7


Is your camera being detected by Quik for desktop?

Are you getting "No files to Import'?

Please refer to Camera is Not Recognized on Quik for desktop - Windows

You may also try copying the files using an SD card adapter.

Let us know how it goes.

If it's still the same, please reach out to our Support Team through




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Re: GoPro Hero 8 not connecting to computer and GoPro Quik

Hi Ej

No I'm not getting anything, the camera is stuck on "usb connected". The quik application is not reading the camera either. There is an issue with the camera itself I presume, since the computer is not even seeing it in file Explorer. I have tried plugging it in to a different conputer
I do not have a sd card adapter, as I have sent mine in a package overseas, because I'm moving overseas in less than a month.