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GoPro Hero 8 Very Shaky Video on Night Scenes.

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Hero 8 very shaky.

See Sample Video;

4k, 30 fps


Boost On

Bit Rate High

Shutter Auto

EV Comp -1

White Balance Auto

ISO min 100, max 800

Sharpness High

Color Gopro


Hero 8 GoPro Shaky Video. 4k, 30 fps, Hypersmooth Boost On, Wide, Bit Rate High, White Balance Auto, iso min 100-Max 800, Sharpness High, Color GoPro.
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Re: GoPro Hero 8 Very Shaky Video on Night Scenes.

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I would try lowering the bit rate and not have the over sharpening on as the processor is running on overdrive with those settings. Also perhaps try shooting on 2.7K with boost not on and see if that improves at night. I dont see a big reason to be shooting boost mode in the low light situation you demonstrated in your linked video. By the way great video of the grandkid on your work bench hopefully you are inspiring him to be a HAM operator. Let us know how this works out with different settings. 73's. 

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Re: GoPro Hero 8 Very Shaky Video on Night Scenes.

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As a gopro owner, I can tell you that there is no setting under the sun thats going to make low light stability look better. GoPro can yell to the high hills about Hypersmooth boost, 2.0................The reality is that their Hypersmooth DOES NOT WORK in low light situations. My advice would be buy a gimbal for the gopro and your sorted.


I use a G6 gimbal with my Hero 7 Black in many low light situations and the pictures are fantastic........only if I use the gimbal.


I hate to admit it, but I am waiting for DJI Osmo Pocket 2 to be released. I am not a DJI fan but the image quality and stability in low light is astounding for the DJI.


I have been watching quite a lot of low light travel videos all filmed with Hero 8 and all the videos suffer the same poor quality image and stability. Get a gimbal and you will be happier.

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Re: GoPro Hero 8 Very Shaky Video on Night Scenes.

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last night  my evening shots outstanding at a race track, but once off the grounds  with low landscaping lights.    compensate for one or the other not both.   the EIS  will suffer,  nothing we can do but put on a gimbal on it or do static shots