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Re: GoPro Hero 8: RTMP Stream doesn't work

Getting the same problem as OP here. Tried several different things. Triple checked my stream key. Watched video posted further down in thread. Also turned on 2FA on Twitch. Getting a 'network connection' error on Hero8 and 'unable to start stream turn on/off camera and try again' message on GoPro App. Unable to get RTMP to Twitch to work. 

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Re: GoPro Hero 8: RTMP Stream doesn't work

I haven't tried this yet so I can't provide support, but this may help you achieve what you are looking for:

GoPro to OBS - AMAZON RTMP TUTORIAL by AnnoyedWithChat GoPro to OBS ip address (numbers will vary, replace all ...
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Re: GoPro Hero 8: RTMP Stream doesn't work

I've been trying to use RTMP from my hero8 to a RTMP server running on my local network, and 1 out of 10 attempts it tries to push some RTMP traffic. 


I've been running a network capture (for those familiar with networking, tcpdump) to check if any traffic is coming from the gopro, and in ALL attempts where it fails, it does not send even a single TCP packet to my RTMP server. When it does, it works, but that rarely happens.


Come on, GoPro... fix this RTMP implementation on hero8. It is awful and fails most of the times. Can you guys test it before pushing to mainstream? :-)