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GoPro Hero 8 : Hiding the OSD faster

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As mentioned in this thread here:

Hiding the on-screen display of a GoPro's battery/storage info when piped thru OBS via the Media Mod and a capture card is finally achieved once you set up a live streaming account thru / Twitch / YouTube / etc. - only after setting this up and then just before saying 'Go Live' do I finally see those elements disappear from my camera feed.

My request is simple - GoPro: Can this be made easier? Why isn't there a simple toggle that can be enabled in the GoPro control panel via the app? This seems like a lot to go thru just for that item to work that way...

At this point w/ this being my first GoPro unit, this is my only complaint so far. Very minor overall, and ultimately I'm thankful to the GoPro community and to GoPro for creating a great and versatile camera. I hope that this minor nag of mine can hopefully be addressed in a future software update somehow. Looking forward to the Hero 9 and I miss the Hero5 Session b/c tiny cube cams are adorable.

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Re: GoPro Hero 8 : Hiding the OSD faster

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We appreciate the feedback, @gabrlknght. We will pass this along to the team. Thanks!